Denim Jacket

Welp. I’ve been able to at least move on and talk to that person normally. There were cute moments with that person when I felt like I really didn’t know what was happening and I would tell myself to forget about it because it’s not a big deal, but my mind would constantly think about it. My friend told me that I shouldn’t run away from my feelings, but to embrace it. Nothing’s wrong with feeling like this and it’s what I do with my feelings that make a difference. I was interested in the person, but I didn’t really talk to them that much so I didn’t know them that well enough to know if I liked them or not. I was also confused by this other guy who disappeared from my life, but suddenly came back. I do know for sure that I don’t like that guy anymore though because he’s not a good influence on me anyways.

I don’t think I really liked that person when I bought them their denim jacket. I mean I was interested, but I still had feelings for the other guy that made me confused with my emotions. After the jacket incident, it was difficult for me to speak to that guy for a while. It was really awkward. Sometimes he was kind of rude so I didn’t really appreciate that and had to confront him about it. I’m tired of people being rude to me or taking advantage of me. I need to be strong. My friends told me that he shouldn’t have let me buy him that denim jacket because he’s not even my boyfriend nor was he my husband or fiancé, but I felt bad about what happened to his charger. It was a memento so it was priceless and it was worth so much. I don’t know why I felt responsible for what happened. Probably because we were all family and he trusted us with his family memento.

I have moved on from the incident and don’t think about it as much as I did before. I’m supposed to let go of things and love others as God loves me so that mean unconditionally. I can’t have strings attached when I do good deeds for other people. I can’t expect them to do the same thing for me. After spending some time with the guy, I realized he was really nice and sweet. He kind of reminds me of Beast in Beauty and the Beast because he was scary when he’s grumpy, but he’s really sweet and we watched that movie together haha. Wow the memories. Anyways, I kept praying about my feelings for him and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll see. Only time will tell what God has laid out for me.


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